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With our Terralift equipment we can rejuvenate your failed septic system.          We also need to be up front and honest with you, not every home can be a candidate due to soil conditions, current heavy usage or trees nearby ( root infiltration ). If you have heavy soils such as clay or a high water table this will not work for you. We would like to see you spend your money wisely by looking into having a new septic system installed if you fall into any of those categories. We do not install new systems.    

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Let us explain how the Terralift equipment works and why it's needed. A bio mat will grow where the septic leach field is causing the liquid from your septic tank not to drain properly in the ground.

What the Terralift equipment will do is insert a probe 3-6 feet down into the area next to the leach lines and with a blast of air 300psi will fracture the ground and insert styrene beads into those cracks and fissures to keep them open so the liquid will drain into the ground. If you have any questions feel free to call us.   

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Roots found in our customers septic leach line.