The liquid leaving the tank goes to the distribution box where it is equally distributed to all of the septic leach lines. The leach field is comprised of perforated pipe that is laid on a bed of stone about 1 foot deep. The liquid going through the stone will be cleaned even more before filtering into the sand and eventually migrating into the ground water table. Now that's what happens when you flush your toilet.

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The EPA also has a low interest revolving loan program to help homeowners that need to replace their failed septic leach field.

A very common question we've been asked from our customers over                  the years is what happens when they flush their toilet??

First, all of your liquid waste goes into the septic tank where the solids settle and the cleaner effluent liquid with the help of anaerobic bacteria leaves through the outlet baffle going to the septic leach field. Your septic tank needs to be cleaned / pumped out every 3-5 years depending on usage. Example, a family of 4 should have their tank cleaned every 3 years.  

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This is what will happen if you have an old steel septic tank. Over the years I've had 3 customers that have fallen into their septic tank because the tank caved in, and one of them was driving their lawn tractor like this one. Steel septic tanks are like our cars they do rust and become weak. We strongly recommend having your steel tank replaced so you don't have to go through this or deal with the liabilities of it caving in.   

Our government has an excellent website to help you with any further questions you may have about septic systems. We have a link to their website on this page.  

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